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A Little More About Me...

To me the greatest joy is to set off on a journey to a foreign land. The thrill of the unknown. Of new people, cultures, & cuisine that awaits. The excitement and anticipation of the journey ahead, and the heady mix of sights, sounds & smells on arrival. I've always been comfortable in new places, a result of a childhood spent constantly moving between Australia's geographical opposites of Queensland & Tasmania. Always adapting to new surroundings, making new friends. During my late teens and early 20's I had the chance to experience many areas of Australia, working with the Fleet Air Arm in the Royal Australian Navy. Great years with awesome people. But the real adventure began in 1996 when I travelled to Europe for the first time. From the moment I set foot in the 'Old World' I knew that this was where I wanted to be. I became addicted to the diversity of Europe. Step across a border and everything changes entirely; local customs, language, culture. And the history! I returned to Australia after that trip and sold everything I owned. In 1998 I left, and here I am wondering where those 23 years have gone....

I feel lucky to have carved out a career as a travel & tour director with some of the worlds best travel companies. I consider cities such as Paris, London, & Florence my second homes, and have networks of friends & colleagues that span the continent. I fumble my way through a myriad of languages, talk of great artists as if they're old friends, and eat any & everything dished up on a plate. I love it. And I still get the same thrill visiting places for the 50th time as the first.


I met my wife Sabina during my travels, in a restaurant on the Left Bank in Paris. She is from the South of Poland, so Kraków became home. I've lived in Poland for the past 13 years now. Our children, Maks & Matylda, are turning into great little adventurers. They've travelled to more places than most people visit in a lifetime, but Poland will always be their home. And so it will always be mine. Luckily for me I still get the same thrill & excitement of a foreign land every time I step out of the house!


I have no real plan on what I'll write on my blog. I'll share stories & anecdotes from life in Poland. Some pics from the timeless city of Krakow. Notes & updates from travels & trips further away. Whatever comes to mind really. If you enjoy it please subscribe and share. Thank you for reading!

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